Logistics: getting ready for the Humpback Whale Season!

We are in the final stages of getting ready to start our humpback whale surveys in the Gulf of Chiriqui for 2012! We have been charging up the batteries for our cameras, cleaning the lenses, testing the hydrophone to make sure it's in good working condition so we can listen for humpback whale song, and making sure all of our equipment and supplies are ready. Today we cleaned the boat, bought two new marine batteries for the outboard engines, and bought some more supplies we will need in the field (pencils, headphones for our hydrophone, batteries etc.). Tomorrow the mechanic will service the outboard engines on our boat and hopefully he won't find any problems! We are hoping to be on the water by Friday!

Getting ready is my least favorite part of field work. I just want to be out on the water already! We have been hearing reports of whales so I know they are out there waiting for us. We will be happy to have the boat finally loaded with our gear and to cast of the lines from the dock. Just a few more days.

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