Rain and flu!

Oftentimes when we are getting ready to go into the field an unexpected problem pops up. Over the years I have become used to our start date being delayed. Sometimes it has to do with the boat or the outboard engines. Mechanics often don't show up when they say they will, and parts sometimes have to be ordered and can take days to get here. Sometimes it is weather related, and rain or wind or a large swell makes it difficult to get out on the water. This time everything seemed to be going smoothly, the boat is ready, yesterday we bought enough groceries to last for weeks, the weather forecast is fair, and we were all set to leave this morning. Unfortunately the captain called at the last minute and said he has a cold and isn't feeling well enough to work today. It is "winter" here in Panama, the rainy season, which is also cold and flu season. So we are delayed until he is feeling better. I hate being on shore when I'm all ready to go and I know there are whales out there, but it's important that our whole team is healthy and ready to work hard! Let's hope our captain feels better soon!

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