Day 4, a trip to Coiba Island

Our friends Linda and Jim offered us the opportunity to survey the waters between the Secas and Coiba, an island at the eastern end of the Gulf of Chiriquí, from their larger boat Minerva, and we jumped at the opportunity, as we rarely get to access that area. We had great visual survey conditions and made a few stops to listen for whales, but we didn't encounter any...

Humpback whale skeleton
Cuvier’s beaked whale skull

...​Until we were on the island. Coiba is a national park and its visitor center features the skeleton of a humpback whale and the skull of a Cuvier's beaked whale.

Ranger Station at Coiba National Park
Jim & Linda’s Minerva. It doesn’t get better as far as small utility/research vessels go
Linda listens to the hydrophone
Roca Prospera — Moby Dick’s statue?
Our trackline to Coiba and back

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