Community outreach day

Last weekend the Islas Secas arranged for a group of school children from a nearby community to spend a day with us whale watching and learning about marine life. We had a great time with these enthusiastic kids! We saw whales within just a few minutes of leaving the dock and judging from their oohs and aahs these kids were impressed with the four different groups of whales we saw on our way to the Secas. Then we had lunch together on the island and spent some time discussing marine mammals and what we can do to help marine life. It was a really fun day. Thanks Islas Secas for making this happen!

Betzi keeps the kids entertained between whale sightings
The kids listen to Betzi as she tells them about humpback whales
We showed them how we use humpback whale tails to identify individual whales and gave them the chance to look for matching tails
We also spent some time discussing recycling and how to reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in our oceans Reduce Reuse Recycle!

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