Another field season over

Thanks to everyone who participated in our field season this year! We had a fantastic group of people who all contributed to one of our best field seasons ever. Special thanks to our private donors and The Moore Charitable Foundation for their financial support, and to everyone at the Islas Secas who helped keep us going!  Stay tuned for our results...we will be posting on the blog as we process our data. In the meantime, here are some photos of us at work and play. 

It doesn't matter the weather, Betzi, Austin and Kata never give up looking for whales
Juan Carlos hears humpback whale song for the first time while Austin looks on

Captain Pulo is our jack of all trades. He drives the boat, looks for whales, takes care of mechanical issues, and fills in on research duty when needed. Gracias Capitan!

Pulo on camera duty while Austin uses the GoPro in the water
Pulo doing some engine maintenance
Cleaning our catch of the day
Kata at the helm while Pulo looks for whales

It's not all hard work...

Ursula and Austin take time out from data processing for some more salsa practice
Betzi rests while cruising the estero
Nap time
How many cameras does it take? Kristin, Kata and Betzi photographing a group of false killer whales
Ursula, Kristin and Betzi on the bow
Betzi, Austin, Kata, Kristin and Kelly under the rainbow

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