What a day!

Today more than made up for our “off” day yesterday. We had our first sighting of humpback whales 6 minutes after we left the dock! The whales today were much more cooperative, surfacing at regular intervals and not travelling too quickly which makes it easier for us to follow them.

Today we surveyed near the Contreras Islands. These are beautiful uninhabited islands located within Coiba National Marine Park. We saw a large group of spotted dolphins nearby.

On the way home we had our first competitive group (also known as a surface active, or rowdy group) of the year. These are groups that typically have one female, and the rest are males competing for the opportunity to mate with the female. It was a fantastic sighting! There is always lots of activity and interesting behaviors. We took over 1000 photos in under two hours.

It’s always great to follow a bad day with a good one!

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