Refuel: Not an easy task

Today we had to refuel. We carry enough fuel to last us for 5-7 days, depending on how far we go each day. The closest place we can buy gas is about an hour away from where we are staying. Luckily we usually see whales along the way, and today was no different. Here is a picture of Betzi photographing a whale straight ahead of us, you can see the blow hanging in the air above the whale. This was a pair of adults, and they were very near some beautiful rocky outcroppings.

We cannot simply pull up to a fuel dock and get gas. The boat needs to be pulled out of the water on a trailer and towed to the gas pump. Here is a picture of our friend Levi pulling the boat out of the water with a tractor. Nothing is straightforward and easy when you are working in remote areas!

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