Kata's final post

The field season is over for some of our interns. Here is Kata's last post. Thank you Kata for your blog posts and hard work!

It’s really hard to believe that the field season is already over for me. This was my  first time doing field research and I completely fell in love with everything -  being on the boat, seeing whales and jumping rays and dolphins and everything in between, and working with great biologists in beautiful places. We spent our last few days surveying the Islas Secas, Paridas, Ladrones, and Contreras, which was a much larger area than we have been able to reach in weeks past. The marine life  and the weather were both cooperative and we were able to see a few new places.  Kristin even took us snorkeling! I had never gone
before and I have to say  catching a glimpse of the dynamic ecosystem at work is absolutely incredible.  The whales seemed to know we were leaving - we saw at least one breaching whale  every day this week, heard singing under the boat, and had our very first  Bryde’s whale sighting this season! It has been a pleasure and a privilege  working with Panacetacea this year. Thank you for everything! I hope I’ll be  back again someday!

Kata's photo of a breaching whale during one of her first days on the water
Kata goes snorkeling for the first time!

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